Refund Policy

We Provide a full Money-back Guarantee during 30 days. If our software doesn’t Perform as it should, you will get your money back. a refund will be initiated immediately, on Condition that you use our Recommended Settings.

Refund Terms and Conditions
1. Must Use a New Account that has never been trading before.
2. Trading history must be pure using Forex robots from our products.
3. There cannot be manual trading.
4. Using the Forex Robot Settings (Set File) from us that has been tested in a real account.
4. Forex Robot must be installed in VPS so that it can trade 24 hours for 5 days.
5. Minimum 5,000 USD Deposit To get a Refund Guarantee.

Please note, the products we sell are digital products, we need time for the inspection process to verify the refund.
The products we sell are digital products that have an active period or license key with an active period of at least 1 year, so for 100% refund you have to wait until the active period of the product ends.

If Agreeing With Our Company Policy Please Continue To Shop For Our Products HERE

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