Questions and answers

Question: How do I get the EA when my payment is successful?
Answer: After you complete your purchase, you will get a download link or email notification from us automatically.

Question: Can I use a demo account first?
Answer: Yes, you can start with a Demo Account and a real account.

Question: will I get help in EA Installation?
Answer: Of course, you will get full help from our team support, and it’s free.

Question: should I use a VPS for my EA?
Answer: Yes, we recommend that you use a VPS so that EA can work smoothly continuously 7×24 hours.

Question: Can this EA work on Cent Accounts?
Answer: Yes, the EA can work on Cent, Standard, ECN, Mini and Micro Accounts.

Question: can this EA work at all brokers?
Answer: Yes, but we recommend that you use an ECN Broker

Question: can I change the EA name and comment?
Answer: Yes, but this is only available in IB License and Admin License, Personal License is not possible

Question: What is a personal license?
Answer: personal license is an active license only for 1 real account and 1 demo account only (After you give your real account to Admin to register, you can’t change it forever.)

Question: What is an IB License?
Answer: IB License is a license that can be used on all accounts without name and account number protection, so that in this type of license you as the licensee can create an activation code using the application that we include in the purchase package. (Very suitable for those of you who are an IB (Itroducing Broker)

Question: What is an Admin license?
Answer: Administrator license is an unlimited license, you will get the source code for this license, so you will have full access rights forever.

Question: How long is the “Personal license” active?
Answer: Active for 18 Months.

Question: How long is the “IB License” active?
Answer: Active for 24 Months

Question: How long is the active period of “License Admin”?
Answer: Active forever

Question: How should I pay?
Answer: You can pay using Bitcoin, or Wire Transfer / International Bank Transfer,After you make an order, details about payment will be sent to your registered email address.

Question: Where can I see Bank Payment details?
Answer: Bank account details will be visible after you place an order, you can see them in your personal area or in your email inbox

Question: How long will it take me to receive the product I purchased?
Answer: You will receive the product you purchased at least 30 minutes after we receive your payment (If you use Bitcoin as your means of payment, and three working days (Maximum) if you use Wire Transfer / International bank transfer)

Question: Will I get support after purchase?
Answer: We will provide priority support to registered clients,(Clients who have purchased our products).

Question: What’s the difference between AF-DR Scalper Pro, AF-Gold Hunter Pro,AF-BIG Player Pro and AFSID Pro Global Investment?
+Basically AF-DR. Scalper Pro is the first EA we made in 2012, EA is daily scalping, with a Day Range Calculation indicator. With capabilities that are still standard, but this EA has the lowest dropdown.
+AF-BIG.Player Pro is an EA we created in 2019 which combines our three EA’s, namely AF-DR.Scalper Pro and AF-FiboScalper and AF-Gold Hunter Pro. (This EA has good capabilities that can be used by professional traders, of course this EA will produce more profits).
+AF-Gold Hunter Pro, we made this EA in early 2019, and this EA only works on the XAUUSD, XAUEUR / Gold currency pairs, even though AF-Gold Hunter is an “EA” which only focuses on metal pairs, but if you look at from enthusiasts this EA is now the most popular seen from CopyTrading with more than 286 subscribers on Forex copy SignalStart.
+AFSID Pro Global Investment is our Best EA, this EA was born from all its predecessors such as AF-DR.Scalper Pro, AF-True Profit Pro, AF-Global/AF-Investing, AF-Gold Hunter Pro,AF-BIG.Player Pro. as a refinement in automatic trading so it is certain that this (Robot) will work very well and reliably, the profits it will generate will also be much better than its predecessors, (Highly recommended for professional traders and financial managers with large balances).

Question: How much profit does AF-DR.Scalper Pro make?
Answer: Profit between 3-10% every month, but it depends on market movements and your VPS performance.( Two Active Pairs )

Question: How much profit will AF-Gold Hunter Pro generate?
Answer: Profit between 5-15% every month, but it depends on market movements and your VPS performance. ( One Pair active )

Question: How much profit will AF-BIG.Player Pro bring?
Answer: Profit between 10-25% per month, but depending on market movements and depending on the performance of your VPS. ( Three Pairs active )

Question: How much profit does AFSID Pro Global Investment get?
Answer: Profit between 20-50% every month, but depending on market movements and depending on the performance of your VPS. ( 6 Active Pairs )

Question: Will we get the latest updates when available?
Answer: There will be an update alert sent to the registered email address if an update is available, and only the owner of the personal license and IB license will get free update, and the license administrator does not get an update, because he has already got the source code.

Question: Recommended VPS specifications?
Answer: VPS Recommendations and Specifications, For 1 MT4 Requires a Minimum RAM of 1GB and Dual core processor, With maximum PING to broker server 50 Ms

If you have any other questions, please contact our CS directly.
Telegram/WhatsApp: +62.877.8000.8111
Skype: AFSID Group International

For the record, purchasing our EA means understanding the risks we will get in international markets.
By purchasing this EA, you agree to all the terms and conditions that we provide.
Purchases in the form of digital goods including EA (Expert Advisors) / (Software) cannot be canceled or returned for any reason.